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How often should a fire hose reel be tested

04 - 04 - 2022

How often should a fire hose reel be tested?

Fire Hose Reel Testing Frequency

British Standards require Fire Hose Reels are regularly serviced. This includes a flow rate and pressure test which is recorded on a service label attached to the reel. Every 5 years, the hose is pressure tested to ensure the integrity.

Property owners and managers often ask ‘How often should a fire hose reel be tested and why?‘ Fire Hose Reels require regular testing to ensure that they are delivering water at a suitable pressure and flow. In addition they should be inspected to check they have not been tampered with, damaged or misused. In an emergency the fire brigade will rely on a Fire Hose to provide adequate water to fight a fire. This is why it is vital that they are maintained in a fully operational condition with the correct attachments at all times. British Standard EN-671/3 (Fixed firefighting systems. Hose systems. Maintenance of hose reels with semi-rigid hose and hose systems with lay-flat hose) details the requirements and frequency of fire hose reel servicing. 

Many fire hose reels are owned and maintained by water companies or local fire authorities. Privately owned fire hose reels are common for example at universities, shops, halls of residence and care homes. When fire hose reels are located on private property it is the responsibility of the owner, occupier or operator of the site to test the equipment and maintain records of this. In the event of an incident, fire investigators may ask to see evidence to demonstrate that the hose reel has been tested and maintained correctly.

Fire Hose Reel test

Fire Hose Reels Direct Ltd can help

As a specialist fire hose reel service company, we offer a comprehensive maintenance and service which meets all the legal requirements. We aim to give property owners peace of mind that their fire fighting equipment is in safe hands and fully compliant.

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